#StigmaEndsWithMe – Substance Use in the Music Industry

“The most important thing you can do is figure out who is on your support team. Who has your back, and once you feel comfortable to open up about mental health, substance use, to continue building those relationships so when you need that support, they’re there with you.”

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Mike Beauchesne

“We know that recovery is possible because we witness it everyday – and one of the ways in which we witness that is we see the hope back in people’s eyes. “

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Michael

“It wasn’t until all options had completely exhausted themselves that I realized that keeping this in the dark wasn’t helping anyone – especially myself.” 

#StigmaEndsWithMe – A Word from Keith

“I was really taken by how supportive people were and how much they wanted me to get better.” #StigmaEndsWithMe is driven by your stories and experiences so that we can come together to help end stigma here in Canada. Join so many others and share your story. Email ➡️ info@capsa.ca

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Marc Provost on Reducing Stigma

The Salvation Army in Ottawa‘s Marc Provost powerful message about large issues and personal conversations that will make the difference here in Canada #StigmaEndsWithMe #Compassionisapractice

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Courtney

Why do we focus on stigma? Courtney shares her story and shows us the importance of bringing issues into the light.

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa / Bureau des services à la jeunesseDave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, and Families for Addiction Recovery “FAR” are just some of the Community Partners who will be at @Recovery Day Ottawa on September 13 with Ottawa Public Health. Join us from 11am – 5pm with the big lunchtime rally 11:30am – 1:30pm #StigmaEndsWithMe #RecoveryAlly

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Dr. Joanne Bezzubetz

Dr. Joanne Bezzubetz of The Royal Mental Health Centre shares her experience with stigma and understanding the importance of person-first language. Add your #StigmaEndsWithMe story: email info@capsa.ca

#StigmaEndsWithMe – Dr. Horacio Arruda

“Stigma is closing your heart on human reality.”

Dr. Horacio Arruda, the National Director of Public Health Quebec, spells out the significant costs of stigmatization, and why we all must work to allow all people to heal #StigmaEndsWithMe


« La stigmatisation est ferme notre cœur sur la réalité humaine »

Dr. Horacio Arruda, le Directeur National de Santé Public du Québec, nous énonce les coûts significatives de la stigmatisation, et pourquoi nous devrons permettre à tout le monde de guérir #Jemetsfinàlastigmatisation

#StigmaEndsWithMe – A Community is Waiting

Help is there. Hope is there. And there’s a community waiting to help you get well.” – A powerful reminder that no one is alone and ending stigma is something we can do together #stigmaendswithme


« L’aide est ici. L’espoir est ici. Et il y a une communauté dans l’attente de votre rétablissement. » Un rappel puissante que personne est seule et mettre fin à la stigmatisation est quelque chose qu’on peut faire tout ensemble. #Jemetsfinàlastigmatisation