Angela Slobodian Headshot

Angela Slobodian is the Acting Director of Wellness at the Ottawa Police Service. As a registered nurse she has worked in hospitals and in public health. In 1994 she moved from her native Nova Scotia to Belleville, Ontario to begin work as an Occupational Health Nurse at a global telecommunications company. This began her interest and passion into occupational health. She completed her diploma in Occupational Health Nursing and received her certification in 2002. Her family moved to Ottawa where she continued working with the telecommunications company. At the time when she left the company Angela was Director of North American Health Operations. She began with Ottawa Police in 2009 as the Manager of Health, Safety and Lifestyles. As a nurse she has always had a commitment to health promotion and illness prevention. When the opportunity came to lead the development of a Wellness program at Ottawa Police, she was pleased to take the lead. With a recent organizational change, she now has the Health and Safety team reporting to her as well as 2 Sergeants who are responsible for the development of the Peer Support and Resiliency program. As a member of the Community Addiction Peer Support Association role, and recently becoming Vice-Chair, she sees the importance of reinforcing the stigma reduction language surrounding mental health and addiction within her workplace and in the community.