CAPSA believes in multiple pathways to increased health including peer support groups and developing your personal substance use health goals.

WOW festival banner
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The WOW (Working on Wellness) event aims to join the Substance Use Health, Mental Health and Physical Health communities together. With your participation and support at this event, you/your organization will be able to engage with Ottawa’s wellness communities and its allies. It includes keynote speakers and the Working on Wellness Day Proclamation in Ottawa by the Mayor, musical performances, and Community Partner booths with more than 100 participating organizations, in addition to supporting CAPSA's #WorkingOnWellness campaign.

Stigma Ends With Me Chapters

#StigmaEndsWithMe is a social media campaign developed and promoted by CAPSA and CCSA. This campaign has been adopted by post-secondary institutions to provide evidence-based information around substance use and stigma. The campaign aims to increase awareness on how stigma impacts people’s pathways to wellness and promote the use of person-first language in the field of substance use health.

The campaign is expanding opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage with their resources and services on campus and in their communities for those individuals who may be questioning their relationship with their substance use, including friends, family, and/or allies in a safe, welcoming environment free from stigma and discrimination.  

Learn Laugh Listen

An evening to learn the neuroscience and research behind substance use and substance use health, laugh with a comedian, and listen to great tunes from musical performance(s).

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Thank you for running this event and all the great work that you do to end stigma! Such a great RDO — so happy to have been here, and excited for the WOW Festival to come!