All People, All Pathways™

Peer Support Meetings

CAPSA believes in multiple pathways to increased health including peer support groups and developing your individual substance use health goals.


Support CAPSA’s work in dismantling stigma for people’s Substance Use Health.

Peer Support (APAP™)

All People, All Pathways™ is the foundational concept of our group. Honouring your journey and your destination and recognizing that there are many ways to increased wellness and many people will walk on different paths. The purpose of our peer group meetings is to provide a safe and aware environment for those seeking help to question their relationship with substances, free from stigma or discrimination. APAP™ believes that you will find your answers and the best path for you and your goals for increased wellness. Our group is inclusive of all individuals in or seeking increased health in their relationship with substances. Their families, allies, and professionals are all welcome to attend our meetings. 

What it Does

This peer-facilitated group offers evidence-based practices and tools designed to help those who are questioning their relationship in regard to their substance use health by:

Sharing experiences of success and challenges
Creating a psychologically-safe, stigma-free environment
Offering easy access to multiple sessions through a variety of platforms each week

How it Helps

This group provides a welcoming environment, free from stigma and discrimination to help: 

Find your pathway to increased wellness
Progress towards your own substance use health goals
Work on optimizing your safety and wellbeing

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