Have you thought of the state of your employees’ Substance Use Health? Workplaces traditionally look at workplace health from an occupational health and safety perspective, with more recent considerations around mental health. Substance Use Health continues be left out of the conversation.

What is often overlooked is that 78% of people living in Canada use substances and substance use resulted in $22.4 billion in lost productivity in 2020. Most of those costs related to people who simply use substances, not those at the far-end of the spectrum living with substance use disorders. Adopting a Substance Use Health framework into your organization’s policies and practices is vital to a healthy, productive workplace.

CAPSA’s assessment on Healthy Workplaces – Substance Use Health check-up is a review through which subject matter experts have designed tools and processes to assess areas for opportunities to improve policies, practices and procedures that relate to employee health and healthier workplaces.

Why engage with CAPSA in an assessment on Healthy Workplaces – Substance Use Health check-up?

  • Policies and programs that promote health have a positive impact on employees and the organization

  • Healthier workplaces increase productivity and job performance in the organization

  • Organizations that prioritize employee health reduce turnover rates

  • Healthier employees take fewer sick days

  • Healthier workplaces make a difference in our communities

  • Fosters a healthy workplace culture


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What People Are Saying

"I think this information will benefit me greatly as I enter a career as a social service worker."

"There is so much value in this training and I believe this should be mandatory learning for all students, educators, and organizations as substance use surrounds us all. "

"I thought it was fantastic, very informative and well delivered."

"It was so amazing to hear more about substance use health and to tweak my own framing about substance use and how I can talk about it."

"Lovely presentation! I really appreciated the knowledge as well as the lived experience. Very beneficial and important information for health care professionals to best help the patients we care for."

"The session was excellent. Very informative and thought provoking. Allowed me to reflect on my own practice and the health system in which I work."