Bringing Expertise to Needed Systems Change.

Impacting health outcomes related to substance use through evidence, compassion, and integrity.


Bringing Expertise to Needed Systems Change

Impacting health outcomes related to substance use through evidence, compassion, and integrity.


CAPSA has developed an effective, evidence-based, and impactful training and education program designed to equip you with knowledge and tools to understand and eliminate substance use stigma, to improve the health outcomes of the 78% of people, over the age of 15, living in Canada, who use substances. These trainings are unique to CAPSA, as they are developed and delivered by researchers and educators, informed by their lived and living expertise.


Elevate your organization's DEI work with CAPSA’s Stigma Consulting Services. Our consulting professionals deliver evidence-based solutions, informed by our lived and living expertise. We implement a variety of tools developed in-house, that are designed to help organizations promote equity for people’s Substance Use Health across diverse contexts. CAPSA is an organization known for being effective, dedicated and action oriented.


Have you thought of the state of your employees’ Substance Use Health? Workplaces traditionally look at workplace health from an occupational health and safety perspective, with more recent considerations around mental health. Substance Use Health continues be left out of the conversation.

Help support CAPSA’s work in dismantling stigma for people’s Substance Use Health.

All People, All Pathways Meetings

This peer-facilitated group offers evidence-based practices and tools designed to help those who are questioning their relationship in regard to their Substance Use Health.

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