Stigma Ends With Me

Deepening the Practice

Join CAPSA for an immersive and comprehensive half-day workshop designed to explore the profound effects of stigma on individuals, particularly in the context of its impact towards the health of people who use substances, on many interconnected levels. The workshop format encourages active participation and fosters a collaborative learning environment, allowing participants to engage deeply with the content. Walk away equipped not only with knowledge, but also with the tools to tangibly implement approaches to eliminate stigma.

"It was so amazing to hear more about substance use health and to tweak my own framing about substance use and how I can talk about it. "

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training, you will:

  • 1

    Gain an In-Depth Understanding of Stigma:

    Gain a profound understanding of the multifaceted and interconnected effects of stigma particularly, its impacts on the health of individuals who use substances.

  • 2

    Be Actively Engaged:

    Actively participate in a collaborative learning environment, enhancing your skills and engagement with the subject matter.

  • 3

    Acquire Practical Application Skills:

    Acquire actionable tools and approaches to effectively eliminate stigma, inspiring you to make tangible changes in your workplace and communities.

  • 4

    Have Comprehensive Knowledge:

    You will develop the skills necessary to identify stigma and apply what you’ve learned about stigma and use person-first language to eliminate stigma regarding substance use.

  • 5

    Learn Transformative Insights:

    Develop insights that will enable you to contribute to creating a more compassionate and inclusive society, where the health and well-being of individuals who use substances are prioritized.


Training Details

Groups of 10-25 people
Virtual or in-person (with additional travel costs)
Individual Virtual training sessions

Training length
Half-day (4 hours)

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What People Are Saying

"I think this information will benefit me greatly as I enter a career as a social service worker."

"There is so much value in this training and I believe this should be mandatory learning for all students, educators, and organizations as substance use surrounds us all. "

"I thought it was fantastic, very informative and well delivered."

"It was so amazing to hear more about substance use health and to tweak my own framing about substance use and how I can talk about it."

"Lovely presentation! I really appreciated the knowledge as well as the lived experience. Very beneficial and important information for health care professionals to best help the patients we care for."

"The session was excellent. Very informative and thought provoking. Allowed me to reflect on my own practice and the health system in which I work."